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First Marathon Preparation

1) The first step is always the hardest

You may think of 101 excuses not to sign up for a marathon and you may have so many doubts, if you do then you wont be the first person to ever feel like this. Focus on the feeling of crossing the finish line and visualise this, this will get you through the hard days and also give you that incentive to make the leap from a weekend runner to a marathon runner. Just realise you need to get those miles into your legs during training so that you can complete the race.

2) Your life won’t be complete without food choices and a weather app! 

You will find yourself obsessing over the weather and your diet! What to eat before you run and what to eat after, is it going to be cloudy with a chance of rain or are definitely going to have to run in the rain. Running in the rain can actually be a lot of fun!

3) Your days will suddenly seem a lot more dangerous

When we walk around the streets we never really look around us for dangers that you may encounter while training for a marathon, that is about to change! Who knew the pavements could be so hazardous!

4) Your chat should come with a health warning attached

You will find that those friends who are not fellow runners will suddenly find your company boring! You will obsess over training schedules, strength work, flexibility, running shoes, running gear and even your latest running tech watch, the list goes on and on! Just remember friends, family and loved ones may not be sharing the same passion you have for running the marathon so you may want to pick you “running chat victims” carefully.

5) You’re not the first person to take on a marathon and you won’t be the last, so ask the experts.

Speak to a lot of experienced  runners who will share lots of good tips. Speak to a sports podiatrist, physiotherapist, running coach, dietitian, get advice from as many people as you can but make sure they are experts! Remember preparing your body for a marathon takes time and commitment.

6) … just make sure that they really are experts

Let me go back over this point! Don’t walk into a running store who want to sell you running shoes and walk out with a running schedule, strength and conditioning programme and a few hundred quid worth of merchandise, seek out people that can really help you.

7) It’s OK if things don’t go according to the plan

Just cause your training plan says you need to do 15 miles this week doesn’t mean you need to do it! Listen to your body, this is a long haul and you will have good and bad weeks, increase your training schedule GRADUALLY. Allow for rest weeks and allow for odd indulgence in life.

8) Don’t do a marathon to get fit, get fit for the marathon

Going from a coach potato to running a marathon is pure crazy, its the reason why I see so many injuries in our clinic. Build up to this milestone by doing 5k and 10k runs in different climates with varying gradients of roads.

9) Watch your diet like a hawk

The role of nutrition is vital when preparing for a marathon, seek advise about which fuels your body requires before and after training.

10) Believe you can and you’re halfway there

I can find the greatest obstacle when running a marathon which is both physically and mentally stressful thing to do is the true belief and determination you can complete the race. Its not just lip service you need its the inner desire that you no matter what the weather outside you will do your training and no matter what that sweet treat (or beer) that your offered you will refuse as you know what your body needs. Remember determination and perseverance will get you along way when training for a marathon.