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Initial MSK Assessment £59. We will talk through your problem with you and look at any relevant scans, letters or reports associated with your problem. We'll talk through your goals and thoroughly assess your HIPS, KNEES, ANKLE AND FEET, addressing any concerns or worries you may have. This may involve certain test, questions or exercises. We will then devise an achievable programme for you, taking into account any issues, conditions or time restraints you may have.

Same as standard initial consultation along with a through examination of the affected body area and Diagnostic Ultrasound Scan £59

Ultrasound guided steroid injection into foot or knee - £250

Ultrasound guided Hyaluronic Acid injections £250 per joint

Ultrasound guided PRP injections. £250 for 1 injection per joint

Ultrasound Guided High Volume Achilles Injection £250

We can also offer Ultrasound Guided Prolotherapy.This treatment uses local anaesthetics, mixed with other natural substances like homeopathic solutions or glucose, which are injected into problem sites. Most useful areas are knee, ankle, foot and toes. £250

A biomechanical assessment is necessary to assess the quality and range of movement of the joints, to assess muscle strength and flexibility, to assess compensatory mechanisms, and to assess the way that you walk, paying particular attention to the way the foot contacts the ground at each stage of the gait cycle. £200

A biomechanical assessment along with a custom bespoke orthotic has different benefits depending on the desired outcome, the type of orthoses prescribed, and individual prescription. Orthotics modify the direction, amount and timing of the forces under your feet in order to balance stresses acting on your feet and legs. The aim of insoles and orthotics is to reduce any potentially damaging strain to allow you to be symptom and pain free. £390