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Initial Consultation

The First

Your body and your injury is unique to you which is why your first appointment involves an extensive assessment that lasts for 60 minutes.

We pride ourselves in implementing research based, evidence led practice. Providing the most effective treatment and rehabilitation programme for each client.

This is a comprehensive muscle balance testing process which identifies tight, weak, overactive or underactive muscles which may have contributed to your injury. These screening tests allows the sports podiatrist to identify any abnormal patterns of joint movement or weakness within specific muscle groups. Optional blood tests can be a vital missing component to recovering from your current injury quicker, preventing further injury and to make sure you are in the best possible shape before you increase your mileage. See below for what type of markers we are looking for in your blood tests.

The key to every effective treatment plan is getting the basics of a diagnosis correct. Once diagnosis has been confirmed an appropriate individualised treatment plan can be recommended.

Some patients only need an initial consultation and with the right advice and treatment provided they can begin to take the first steps to recovery, others may require a few treatment sessions before they can return back to running or to sporting activities. You will receive a tailored strength & conditioning programme to improve flexibility and strength of structures that are identified at this appointment.

We recommend all new patients book an initial consultation. The cost of the initial consultation is £45

The podiatrist will advise you If you need a injection, shock wave, orthotics or other treatment options at the initial assessment for your particular problem.

Bring shorts, t-shirt and your running shoes.

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