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Fit to Run MOT

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Prevention is always better then treatment! This appointment is for beginners and for experienced runners. The risk of injury increases if you have just started to run after a long period of inactivity or as your weekly mileage goes up so don’t let an injury stop you in your tracks. Take care of your body now and it will take care of you when you run. This is a 1 hour appointment.

The fit to run MOT can give you some basic tips to ensure your running technique is not putting adverse forces on structures that can cause you problems once you start running or you increase your mileage. A video gait analysis of your running style will be done focusing on evidence based advice to reduce excessive impact on certain points. A running MOT appointment before you increase your miles is really valuable in pre-empting issues that might arise. At UK Sports Podiatry we will be able to advise how to modify your training programme to suit your body’s needs, especially if you have existing problems.

This is a comprehensive muscle balance testing process which identifies tight, weak, overactive or underactive muscles. These screening tests allow the sports podiatrist to identify any abnormal patterns of joint movement or weakness within specific muscle groups. Results from the screening will be presented back to you with the appropriate injury prevention exercise programme being prescribed. Optional blood tests can be a vital missing component to preventing injury and to make sure you are in the best possible shape before you start a exercise programme or before you increase your mileage. See below for what type of markers we are looking for in your blood tests.

Initially it might be better to do some impact-free training to increase your fitness before pounding the pavements. We can guide you on basic leg strength work based on the weakness we find in this assessment that you can do at home on your rest days from running is a massive bonus.

Get those small niggles looked at now before you increase the amount of load going through your joints. An MOT appointment before you increase your miles is really valuable in pre-empting issues that might arise.

The cost of the fit to run MOT is £90

The podiatrist will advise you If you need an injection, shock wave, acupuncture, k-tape, orthotics or other treatment options at the fit to run MOT if you have a problem.

Bring shorts, t-shirt and your running shoes to the fit to run MOT appointment.